Commissioned Art

Sometimes you may have a need for a special, specific piece of artwork that is not readily found in the market. For example, you may need to make a gift to your love ones or a colleague who has just resigned. Or you need something on the wall to constantly remind yourself of something important. We in artcommune understand your needs, our in house artists are always ready to help you and propose a solution for you. We customize to make the artwork relevant, specific and truly unique to you.


Artist: Ho Sou Ping
Year: 2010
Dimensions: 67x100cm
Medium: Chinese ink & colour on paper

The painting was presented to BG Teo Jing Siong recently on his COC ceremony. The painting is a serene landscape with a meaning that wishes the general a less stressful, peaceful retirement life. It also has an accompanying poem that was composed specially for him.

The poem reads:





This poem is a summary of BG Teo’s final post in SAF, talks about his daughter serving the country and finally wishes him all the best after retirement.

Tree of Life

Artist: Ho Sou Pin
Year: 2010
Dimensions: 145x240cm
Medium: Oil on canvas

This painting was commissioned by a local company to be hung in the lobby of their HQ. The owner would like a soft approach in telling customers and employees the company’s vision and mission and values.

This giant tree has a vast network of strong buttress roots, with birds flying round and round the tree.

The tree represents the matured and strong company, yet they are still growing steadily. It also symbolizes the consistency and quality of their services.

The deep roots represent our business and integrated big family culture and values, which are strongly entrenched sustaining its growth and prosperity, lasting many generations to come.

Circling the tree is a flock of flying birds, which are circling around the tree in high speeds. The act of repeating the cycle of flying round the tree represents speed, consistent delivery and rejuvenation for better service.

The boy and girl makes up the word ‘好’ (good) in Chinese. They try their best to please their customers by delivering their expectations to perfection.

The entire painting shows an explosion of energy and life.