Collector Art

In the market, there are generally 2 types of art – commercial art and collector’s art.

Art has value not because of its decorative functions, but rather because it records the intellectual creative processes of an individual, and on the larger scale, the human species. Therefore good art must always posses this element of human intelligence.

Commercial art are usually done by craftsmen who repeat blindly what others had done before. Some are done in a mass produced factory manner. These works will never have a resale value in the secondary market. Of course, they often come cheap.

On the other hand, only artists who possess the intellectual training and skills can produce collector’s quality works. These works are usually fine works and carry some meanings/messages behind them.

Whatever you hang on the wall is a reflection of your own tastes. A good painting hung on the wall will help others perceive the owner as a cultured, refined person. Conversely, hanging a commercial work is a subtle way of telling people the owner’s lack in cultural awareness.

At artcommune, we believe that good art need not come in astronomical price. This is because the price of an artwork is mostly driven by the fame of the artist. No doubt the big names are commanding very high prices, at the same time are many undiscovered gems in the market producing works with slightly lower or similar quality. Their asking prices are very affordable. The in house artists at artcommune have the eye to handpick for you artists/artworks with very good price to value ratio from a huge pool available in the market. We also keep our overheads down by avoiding high rental, renovating and other costs to keep our price very competitive.

Yellow Lady

Artist: Wong Keen
Year: 2002
Dimensions: 45x33cm
Medium: Acrylic on paper

The painting depicts the torso of a woman bending down, her face half shown and looking at us. The torso was constructed by a few broad, free but decisive strokes of paint.

The entire colour scheme was in different intensities and values of yellow and it gives us a refreshing mood. Some patches of green and red casually but cleverly outlined the silhouette of the torso, showing Wong’s superb skills with the brush.


Artist: Wong Keen
Year: 1995
Dimensions: 28x32cm
Medium: Mixed medium on paper

This is an unusual piece of work, because of its unique theme. The two Malay women were surrounded by patches of interplaying colours of cold and warm colours consisting of green and red. Both colour schemes overlap one another many fold, applied with playful brush strokes, creating the noisy mood at the market.

However, the generous and bright red and orange of the women’s scarf lock our vision straight at the centre.

Golden Abstract Landscape

Artist: Ho Sou Ping
Year: 2011
Dimensions: 67x33cm
Medium: Chinese ink & acrylic on paper

In March 2011 the artist came across a series of abstract landscape ink works by Cheong Soo Peng executed in the 1960s. This had encouraged the artist to push himself further into an even bolder use of unconventional colours in traditional landscape genre.

This painting has been chosen to be one of the centre piece in the artist’s 2nd exhibition. It is the best among the body of bright coloured and gold works done around this time. There was a harmony amongst the colours, although the palette was unconventional. The energy of the brushworks were successfully retained, despite the fact that the opaque gold paint tends of cover over the underlying brushworks.