Art Appreciation Courses

Having problems understanding or appreciating art? We conduct regular courses to help you overcome these problems.

We have also helped hundreds of clients choose and manage the art pieces they love by supplying professional advice for setting the right investment decisions.

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Available Courses

*All courses are conducted by Mr Ho Sou Ping, Artist and Manager of artcommune gallery.

About Mr Ho Sou Ping

Sou Ping started learning painting at the age of 13. Though his passion in art flourished and since young he hoped to pursue it as a lifelong career, he was denied of the ambition for a long time because nobody saw it as a feasible career option. However, he never gave up painting.

In 2009, Sou Ping finally took the bold step of ceasing a long-time career in the engineering sector to become a full-time artist. In the same year, he also started artcommune gallery. His strong technical competency in art saw him rise from a humble, naïve greenhorn to a successful gallerist with increasing market recognition as an expert in his own right. Over the course of five years Sou Ping’s business revenue multiplied by many folds. Today, artcommune gallery stands as one of the leading galleries in Singapore art. Apart from having helped hundreds of clients choose the art pieces they love, Sou Ping also supplies professional advice to help clients set the right investment decisions; many of his clients witness the substantial growth in the value of their collections. Always passionate in helping others acquire arts literacy and cultural appreciation, Sou Ping has designed courses to facilitate such knowledge and is also a regular art columnist for the newspaper.

Sou Ping holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Physics and a Master’s Degree in Business Management and Art History, respectively.


About Ms Ma Peiyi

Ma Peiyi is a curator at artcommune gallery, which specialises in Singapore Modern Art.

Fascinated by the oft-parallel history of and interaction between literary and visual arts movements, Peiyi developed a passion for art history while reading English Literature at the National University of Singapore, from which she graduated in 2010 with an Honours degree.

Since joining artcommune gallery she has worked closely with artists like Ong Kim Seng, Wong Keen and Lim Tze Peng as well as collectors of art, and to date has curated and put together more than 20 exhibitions.